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Our custom prize wheels are a big draw at tradeshows, company events and parties, school fairs, fundraisers and often used for employee motivation and appreciation. Spin the wheel and win a prize! With nearly unlimited applications, the spinning prize wheel is an effective way to add fun and excitement. We offer game wheels in a variety of sizes and styles.

Our prize wheels allow you to customize your own prizes and graphics right from your computer, adding versatility to whatever kind of custom prize wheel you want. It’s fun and easy!

At a tradeshow or event, you know who has a prize wheel game when you hear the clicking sound as it spins and the roar of the crowd when the pointer lands on a particular prize. We have used our prize wheel at our own business to celebrate our employees’ birthdays and hire date anniversaries. Everyone has fun spinning the wheel, and it bolsters employee morale.

All of our products require virtually no assembly (except the Big Wheel). Simply take the tabletop wheel out of the box, extend the back leg, lower the support bar into place and start spinning. And with a floor model, just pop in the extension legs and you’re ready to go.

So no matter what your event, our custom prize wheels will be a big hit!

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