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About our Prize Wheels

Whether it's a party, corporate training event, or trade show, we have the perfect prize wheel or game of chance for any occasion. Our products offer the ultimate combination of fun and sheer entertainment. Not only that, but they can also be used in the education field as they offer fun ways of keeping students engaged in subjects such as math, science and history. One of the best aspects of our prize wheels is that they can also be easily customized with your own graphics / pictures. These graphics can be printed from your own computer. The best part is that we make this process extremely easy via our graphics templates. Simply download the right template for your product, add your own graphics, and print it on your printer.

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, we offer a variety of different size game wheels to choose from. Our 14" Micro Wheel is small enough to fit in most spaces such as desks, while our 40" Big Wheel is a large floor standing model. If none of those sizes meet your needs, we also offer a number of other in-between sizes.

Our Top Selling Prize Wheel Games

  1. 40" Big Wheel
  2. 31" Classic Wheel
  3. Big Prize Drop
  4. Mini Prize Drop
  5. Prize Pinball

About our Company


In 2002 we constructed a homemade prize wheel to recognize our employees on their birthdays and hire date anniversaries. Two years later, a business associate saw how much excitement was generated during our 'spin the wheel' celebration, and asked, "Why don't you make them?" So several months later, we did. Now, thousands of companies, organizations and individuals buy our prize wheels and other prize games we developed, for a multitude of uses and venues.

We manufacture our prize wheels, prize drops and donation stands in our factory in Duluth, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. To get your prize game to you as quickly as possible, we will process and ship your order within one business of day of receipt.