A Creative Spin on Celebrating the Holidays

At ThermoPro, innovation is one of our core values. We always strive to provide the best promotional games for any use.

Our New Celebration Package

This holiday season we want to offer something new! We’ve redesigned our 31″ wheel (don’t worry the original is still available) with cut-outs to allow for expertly designed dry erase prize cards so you can add your own flair. This package includes two pre-made prize card sets and center plates with Happy Holidays and Celebrate themes as well as a bonus blank center plate.

All for the special price of $350 from now through December 31st. 


So... what's in the box?

the perfect holiday prize wheel

One Wheel
3 Styles
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The New Cut-Out 31" Prize Wheel
Adjustable legs convert to floor stand or table top.
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Holiday Dry Erase Prize Cards with Decorative Center Plate
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Celebrate! Dry Erase Prize Cards with Decorative Center Plate
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Extra Blank Center Plate for Customization
The HOLIDAY and CELEBRATE! prize cards are blank on the back so you have a full reversible set.
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Dry Erase Markers And An Eraser
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Holiday Theme

Adjustable Legs

Celebrate! Theme

Dry Erase Markers & Eraser

Contact Us for Customization 

Extra Blank Center Plate


$350 from now through December 31st, 2022

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